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it wont open on mac

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Hi, I had several people managing to run it on Mac just fine. Can you tell me what’s happening when you try to run it and which Mac distribution are you on?

it says it can't open the app

if you mean my macOS version, i'm on montery or 12.6.5

I dunno intentionally or what it might be for in that case, but in level six for me, if I shoot while any block aside from the is block the you block, is touching that you block, I would die immediately. I'm sorry if my explanation is confusing and aside from that I've had a ton of fun playing the game.

That sounds like normal behavior if I’m not mistaken. Good luck figuring out that puzzle! You can find walkthrough videos online if you’re stuck.

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Level 3 has an issue where you auto move by mouse direction (no arrow key / wasd input at all), at max run speed. o-o;;; 

It’s not a bug, but part of the puzzle. You can check a walkthrough video if you’re stuck.

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I've watched it, but what I am talking about is this...


how did i just know this game?! this is incredible! really love the music, really hope there will be more levels tho (:


this game is hot and super and (somehow) baba!




I didn’t ask for it, no. But I’m glad to have it :3


the hardest lvl form me was 5, it took me 30 minutes i think, the rest was "eazy"


Can't make it past the third level???

You should be able to find some walkthrough online in case you’re stuck on a puzzle. Also, you can select any level, including level 4, 5, 6 even if you haven’t completed level 3.

Yeah, I figured that second part. I'll look up a walkthrough later. Thanks!

this is my fav, lvl

Very clever! It's great to see a game mashup, especially one that works so well!


I never played baba is you nor super hot. My brain melted. Loved it and is hungry for more.


Super Is Hot is super.


amazing best thing yes ye

We are excited to discuss SUPER IS HOT tonight @ 7 PM EST on Indie Game Club!



This is incredible


This is the weird crossover I didn't know I needed in my life. Thanks!



had a lot of out of bounds troubles in the second to last level, along with weird issues where we'd glitch off to the edge of the room and be unable to pick up the gun the person we just shot had dropped? aside from that, good work! very inventive

  1. Baba Is You EDM Remix is work unreasonably well. If you is make full game, would more music is remix?
  2. Game is most unexpected but surprisingly fitting crossover. And it works.
  3. Shoot is you tends to make me is out of bounds when shoot is on enemy. This is fine though.

i like this game and all but how did you make it play two different styles of music? like when you go to edit the rules it plays music and then when you stop editing the rules it plays a remixed version of it?

Hi! Basically there’s two music tracks: the original Baba theme and a remix of the exact same song. When you close the Baba menu, I pause the original theme and start playing the remix at the exact same timestamp. Then if you open the menu again, I do the opposite.





super is hot is good game

I'm unable to pick up guns for some reason 😕 managed to do lvl 1 and 2 without it, but it's a must for 3 since u start without one

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Hi! On which platform did you play? And did you have a mouse? Thank you :)

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Windows 64 and yeah, using a mouse. Huh, nvm, it works now for some reason


Awesome game. I really liked the mix of styles. 

Cool video!


i'm on mac and the game works perfectly well! the one issue is, i am impossibly bad at the  game but it's SUPER FUN and actually??? pretty hot as well?? You did an amazing job, sir!


the music is an absolute banger

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Unfortunately, on mac Baba and all the blocks do not render on screen.

It does still appear to react to input, allowing me to start a level, open and close the menu in game, but I still can't see Baba, the blocks or even the window.


I do not have any Mac hardware to test it out msyelf sorry, I had to rely on Unity’s internal export. A friend of mine managed to play it without issues though on her Mac laptop though – I hope this means its not impossible for you to run it

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I have uploaded a video of the bug here: 

Ignore the low framerate, I had  a bunch of other stuff open that I normally would have closed before opening this game.

Oh, that’s super strange. I did manage to play the game on Mac and I did not see this bug. Could be a compatibility issue? Do you have an old version of the OS?

I am running on Mojave.

I am encountering the same problem on a 2018 MBP running Big Sur, having launched the game through the official itch app.

This is what the main menu looks like for me:

I got the same bug occuring to me, any idea how to fix it?

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The concept|is super ! Me|like it :D


Really cool. I wish we could have a full-length game out of this!


I can confirm that it works well on Linux!

Really nice concept and execution! Each level brings fun ideas and is pleasant to solve. The last one is especially satisfying.

Small UX feed-back though: the "undo" key is a bit hard to reach. I often use it to solve puzzles, but I constantly had to change my hands position. Maybe it could be on a closer key, like Shift, Ctrl, or F.

I feel like it should have been on Z, like in Hempuli's game. It's just a bit strange to have that control scheme mismatch.

Z is often used in French keyboards for moving characters. (We use ZQSD instead of WASD). Using Shift, Ctrl or F is a good idea though.