Use both your mind and instinct to navigate into procedurally generated maps and destroy the enemy submarines !

A game for the 1-bit jam. Please read the following manual.


  • Your submarine is in the middle of a 9x9 grid.
  • Grid cells can contain a wall, an enemy submarine or nothing.
  • Controls : WASD/ZQSD/Arrows to move, Ctrlto use your radar and Shift to shoot.
  • Each time you make a move, every other submarine make a move.
  • Direction : make you move in that direction. Small beep means you moved. Long beep means something is blocking the way.
  • Ctrl + Direction : Your radar tells you what's in the first occupied cell in that direction. Small beeps for each empty cell then long beep if it's a wall, quick little beeps if it's an enemy.
  • Shift + Direction : Shoots in that direction. Beep two times but doesn't tell you anything, not even if it hit a submarine.
  • Lots of small beeps then long beep : You died.
  • Three long beeps : You won the level.
  • Levels are procedurally generated.
  • Best played if you enable audio.
  • Use of a pen and paper is recommended.
  • DIE
  • IN
  • THE
  • OF


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