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Hey there!! This game is super cute oml and although I can't afford it right now, I am a designer and I was wondering if you have a design dev about how you built the clue bulletin board? I think its super neat aa! Thanks <3



World building is wonderful!!! 

Cannele and Nomnom (nono haha) are so funny together love their realtionship, Im just as interested by them as the MC! I wont share my theories here but i have a few! (Not confident my choice... at all... they wont give me too much of a hard time!


MC is by far my favourite, incredibly witty for someone who's lost their memories! Their thoughts make me crack up most of the time and def a better detective.... 


Hes British isnt he, good old tea innit (im british...)

I actually adore MC (i am not calling him yasyas.) hes like a dad LMAOO

Good features

The question mark feature is so helpful, I am bad at french despite doing it in school... also incredibly funny at times! Yes, I know what a baguette is...




Wish I could go back, accidentally clicked an option without reading the line

Wish the music looped without the long long pause inbetween and that the board was bigger

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Okay! Rightio. Alright. Cool. Hold up. Right. Okay. I HAVE THOUGHTS

As a young student with no job and A Family Situation, I did claim a free community copy (thank you for that!). On that same train of thought, I ask thee this! Will those of us who downloaded the game in the investigation phase be able to play the resolution phase with no further purchases? Sorry if you've already answered this before.

Okay, now onto the game. First off- I loved the OST. Like. It was AMAZING. Is there a way I can get it? It was so atmospheric, enough that it doesn't overtake the actual scene and rather focuses on providing the player with background noise. And it was also very pretty. 

Plot and Worldbuildingholy mcheckin shit goddamn you guys. It's such a cool world! It's like, you've got Gifts, and it's so cool, and you can see with colours (which I'll touch on later), and you got the forces, and the environment, and literal maps!! And! The plot! Is SO GOOD. Because you can tell you've got some things put together, but you can't lock those in until you've got all of em (Which again, I will touch on that later!). And. The writing. Sound design. the rain. (starts sobbing) /pos

Character design- I'm a visual media student, and this is. So cool to me. Let us start with the hobo guy. NGL, he seems like a main character. or, like a narrator. love it, esp because of the 'i am homeless hello yes' thing. 

Nomnom's design; from the reference picture, you can already tell that nomnom is the more thinkative one, who plans what happens (and goddamn I was so right about that). They're so gender. And the art is so pretty.

Cannelé's design: Red is often associated with anger, or passion, and holy goddamn you got that on POINT. Cannelé is wildly fiery, impulsive, yet a quick thinker. Also love the little lineart colours. Awesome yes yes. 

Mech (claps) An (claps) Ics. MECHANICS. HOOOOOOOOLY. Holy. Just. Wow. The scoreboard! So cool! The investigation board! The card game!! Awesome!

How long did it take to get the pull-string board down thing w motion? look at it go, it's just weaving around. love it.

Oh, also! Thank you. So much. For adding the 'speed events' option. That is so important to me. It means I can, like, enjoy the story as it goes along with a choice to be speed or not. Much thank. 

I love the way the notes go zoom- I loved that so much, and the sounds. So good.

Subtle Touches and design elements: I knew when I saw the colours that there Was Something Up. I love the connections you made, and the way you utilised colour and POVs from said colour. From the get-go, you see very formed colour-roles from the dynamic duo (tm). And the glowy thing. SO cool. 

Also the bolded stuff. Like. clues and things. with emphasis. contrast. visual media. very smort.


  • Pronouns? Hello? They keep changing and at this point I'm so intrigued but also very confused. (Thank you for adding some diversity <3333)
  • Can we have pictures of Philbert? Please? I love him. 
  • Is there any way I can submit theories that isn't a game mechanic?


Right, so a couple qualms. One of which is my ADHD brain remembers jackshit. So, maybe like, a log of what's been said? (Like, I know ren'py has an inbuilt function, but I gathered very quickly y'all aren't using renpy).

in that same realm, mayhaps holding down an enter button fast-forwards things? i am aware it's not ideal if you're trying to savour the plot, but maybe you can use some sorta mechanic that allows you to not skip the text the first time you see it

Uh.. what else. Enlarge the evidence board. please. I beg of you. thanks

Words for the devs: y'all keep doing your thing. it's amazing. thank you. hydrate or diedrate btw :) 

camille get sleep challenge real?


  • If it's at all possible, maybe make more saves? I got lost a couple times w trying to redo certain choices.
  • Was a little confused as to the master volume- usually that implies that they have a sound effects volume and a music volume, but that's also cool if not. 
  • Colour-coding some notes/leads to make it easier to connect to, a lá Outer Wilds. Also with the boards, a way of organising it easier? Maybe a button from a lead which snaps all the ties you made to it?
  • With the evidence board locks, how it shows the little, uh, unlocking cutscene but glows red when it's not correct?  I'd like a way of maybe help with that- maybe one of them flashes green with the one you got right that's connected? Or it shows (x) amount of green dots instead of red as per what you got wrong/right?
  • a control that allows you to quit the game /lh
  • (Maybe only if the player tries for like, a long time, you could add a little mechanic like that if possible [keep in mind I have no clue what engine/language you're codin' this in, so I have no idea what possibilities there are].)

Stuff while I was playing that I said:

  • "WHY AM I BLUE" (a couple seconds later) "called it"
  • [insert panicking about the score system here]
  • "why do i have a feeling this is a meganic"
  • "that will be used"
  • (yes, i said meganic)
  • (When seeing Laeftitia) OUI OUI MON AMI J'MAPELLE LAFFEYETTE! 
  • 'i hate gambling.'
  • WHAT
  • 'okay so either option i chose i was gonna be laughed at. i'm chill w this'

Okay! Hope this is enough feedback for someone who got a free copy! Wish I could support ya more, but in the meantime, take this review, hope it helps :D

(Also sorry for the long-ass comment, I had a lot to say haha.)

(Edit; Also a typo, not sure if they're intentional, but 'They look like they're used toing do this..' and I'm decently sure this is a design choice but there's a purple cursor after Fleur d'Âme in the first chapter! :)

Could you please provide a specific cut-off date for the Investigation Phase?  I don't want to miss it, but time is a bit tight for me right now, so I keep putting off playing.


adorable game. i love the characters and the puzzles were just the right level of hard without being frustrating for me (coming from someone who usually hates puzzle games). can't wait for the full release!

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C&N – Defective Agency has been featured in Corpus, a Twitch stream by Emmanuelle Lescouet from the Répertoire des Écritures Numériques. Their goal is to record the interactive fiction of today and its evolutions. It’s a honor to be featured by them!

Warning: French


I just downloaded (through community copy) and finished playing the game today and I'm very intrigued with the story! The post-it notes clues and conspiracy board definitely got me into a solving-mystery mood, though I feel like I missed out on some clues due to my choices, such as if Y.M. actually stands for an actual name, and I didn't get to solve some of the blue post-it note mysteries regarding Cannele and Nomnom.

What's more intriguing to me is that there's details in the story that aren't included in the clues that I got that feels very important (like the emphasis on sensations, the quick mention of sense of smell during one of the scenes in the market, etc.) that influenced my theories at the end. It made me feel like I shouldn't just be focusing on the notes in-game for clues and got me to jot down my own personal mental notes.

I'm really curious how the Resolution Phase will turn out! I'll be replaying the Investigation Phase a bit more to see what other options offer, as well as trying to give Cannele more points or seeing what happens if they both have same number of points (I ended up siding with Nomnom more in my first playthrough).
And when I end up with some extra money, I wouldn't mind buying the game to contribute! Looking forward to it!

P.S. The mini-game Poker-Faced Hanged Maid is really good, in my opinion! Makes me want to try playing it irl. Though, instead of Hangman, it feels more like Scrabble to me. I really think it was well-executed!

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I've noticed a few minor bugs unexpected features:

  • I accidentally right-clicked in the investigation board screen and that toggled auto mode, which confused me a few times until I reread the options page
  • I have a dual-screen setup, and noticed that pressing escape with another window in focus (e.g. when typing a note in a text editor) causes the game to quit
  • I was able to accidentally play an empty word in the card game :c

Thanks for telling us about that, we’ll look at it for the next update.

Playing an empty word is a valid possible move however, or you’d be stuck if you couldn’t make any word!

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Hey, I've just read the bit about the investigation phase ending in spring 2023, but (1) spring is a different part of the year depending on location and (2) I follow a different set of seasons here than in the rest of the world. Google tells me it starts around March in America, is that when you mean?

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yes probably, because the sale is ending March 14th 2023 ;)

(and they said "the Resolution Phase will be published later in 2023, at which point the game will revert to its full price of 6$.")


Hey, I'm really loving the game, finding, organizing and connecting clues really makes you feel like a real detective, and the characters are 😙👌.

The only problem I found is that after roasting Cathy to death I can't continue and !GotoContinueButton;;;GetTicket shows up. I don't know if it changes anything but I have the 🔫 from the cop and I'm using Windows.

We just uploaded a fix update. Once you download it, you should be able to load your save and resume playing without losing your progression.

Thank you for reporting this bug, and for your kind words ✨

I ran into a bug while encountering Cathy where the text GotoContinueButton;;;CanneleRageMania appears on screen and there doesn't seem to be a way to progress past that point. I'm playing on Linux, if that makes a difference.

Another (but not game breaking) bug I ran into was an error in the Hee Cup scene complaining about $victory = true using an assignment operator instead of an equality operator.

Otherwise, I've been really enjoying the game, it's unreasonably good and the conspiracy board in particular is great for making you feel like you're piecing together the solution to some large overarching mystery.


Thank you for reporting these bugs and for your kind words :)

We just uploaded a fix update. Once you download it, you should be able to load your save and resume playing Chapter 4 without losing your progression.

Good mystery hunting!


Thanks! That fixes that issue, but I'm now stuck at the end of the Cathy scene with !GotoContinueButton;;;GetTicket


Thanks for catching that too. I just uploaded another fix update: you should be able to resume your progression without any loss.

Thanks again!