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That was one of the most fantastic storytelling experiences in a jam game that I ever been able to witness! The glitch aesthetics of it are not just a neat gimmick, but a real addition to the whole narrative. Thanks to that, it's not just some kind of interactive novel, but also a meta game in the best sense. And the ending shows us that patience, the ability to wait and the ability to bear the silence can be some very wonderful skills, which get rewarded... <3 Thank you so much for this game, for which I didn't just write a praising article and uploaded a little gameplay video, but also included it in our GOTY 2016 list. It absolutely deserves it.

Best wishes,

Very cool game, i love AI in Sci-Fi, one of my favorite sub-genre's [themes?] if you can call it that, and this character was awesome =] would love to see more of this

I enjoyed this very much, it was like a mini sci-fi fable ;3

Thank you for the content, fellow helicopter ^_^

Interesting game and interesting concept. I enjoyed it. Nice work! Short and simple but still tells a story

Is it possible to get past the part where the part where "You're right" and "That's not true" keep switching around? It just goes in an infinite loop.

Yes ! You just have to select the right answer.

Fellow Helicopter!

really... really cool game

but ending is less cool (still cool though)