Only One Cookie is a game inspired by the "You take more than one cookie !" moment everyone has one day felt.

Featuring students, your goal is to find who take your cookie. It was very hard to finish this game in 48 hours, so I submitted it to the Jam. There is a random generated levels so you can play it forever ! (It becomes harder)

I hope you'll enjoy it. :)

Your goal is to find who took more than one cookie.
Each level, you can choose a student. Each student has two special skills.
You can ask someone how many cookie he ate or who's the stealer.
Beware ! Students can lie, protect their friends or accuse their enemies.
In addition, someone can take a cookie without eating it.
First levels are easy, but the more you go, the more it become complex.
When you fail a level, you come back to level 1.
Good luck ! Remember : you can only get one stealer !

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Published3 years ago
Tagscookie, stealer, student
Player countSingleplayer